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Barrier Island Eco Tours

Family Fun

Some of our fondest memories were spending time with our parents and friends fishing, crabbing, cast netting and exploring unspoiled barrier islands and salt marshes surrounding the Isle of Palms. We feel privileged to have had this opportunity at our back door and would like your family to have these same opportunities. The scheduled trips aboard our larger pontoons are a great choice as an economical way to share this experience.

If you are interested in chartering a smaller boat for a combination of everything we have to offer for a more personalized eco-tour we recommend our “Family Fun Day.”

Family Fun Day

boy-with-fishCharter a boat and one of our naturalist guides from the Isle of Palms Marina for an exploration of our salt marshes and barrier islands. The charter rate is an hourly fee and includes just about anything you would like to do on the water. Spend some time fishing in the calm waters of the salt marsh, pull some crab traps, learn to throw the cast net, investigate oyster beds, spend time with dolphins, stop on a sand bar to catch some blue crabs, swim a little, and stop on Capers for some shelling and island exploration. You may even choose to end the trip with a Lowcountry Boil or hamburgers and hot dogs grilled on the beach. We always bring an ice cold watermelon for extra refreshment! Your kids will come home with a wealth of knowledge about marine ecosystems and learn fun skills such as fishing, crabbing and cast netting. You are welcome to bring your own food and coolers.

The description above is just an example of the many options available for this customized excursion. Choose one or all of these activities or leave it in the hands of your guide to ensure you have an amazing time! Average charter length depending on what activities you choose is 3-5 hours. The beachside cookout is an additional cost per person. Please call 843-886-5000 for menu ideas and pricing. Come experience the natural history of Charleston SC!

Family Reunions

family_reunionA great way to entertain the whole family is to bring everyone aboard one of our larger pontoon boats located on the Isle of Palms and cruise up the waterway to Capers Island. Your naturalist guide will pull some crab pots and entertain the kids with fun facts about the diverse wildlife encountered along the way. Once on Capers Island you and your family can spend time relaxing, swimming, exploring the “bone-yard beach,” crabbing or fishing. While you all are enjoying the island your captain will prepare a Lowcountry Boil or grill some hamburgers and hotdogs on the beach. You are always welcome to bring coolers and provide your own food. The Isle of Palms Marina Market has any last minute necessities you may need.

Experience the Natural Landscapes of Charleston SC!

Check out our Catering Options for other ideas. Please call or email us for information on pricing and availability.

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