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Student discoveries April 21 2024!

Whether you’re a seasoned beachcomber or a curious wanderer, prepare to be captivated by the discovery of these two remarkable finds by students during school group field trips. From mysterious relics of the past to whimsical treasures shaped by nature’s artistry, the beach holds endless wonders waiting to be discovered and we love when students come running up to us with their sweet finds. 

The first unique find is this flat looking, comb shaped item. This very JAW-some item is a mouth plate that belonged to an eagle ray! Eagle rays have a more diamond shaped body and get their name from their pointed beak-like nose. Their specially adapted snout allows them to “root” into the sea floor for different bottom dwelling invertebrates. 

a hand holding an eagle ray mouth plate

Eagle ray mouth plate held and found by a student!

Another recent discover is this thin spiraly guy. One of our naturalists had an inkling what it was but wasn’t 100% certain. With a photo and a field guide the students searched to identify who this mystery item once belonged to. They identified that it was some sort of snail operculum. After asking other naturalists and marine invertebrate enthusiasts we learned it was the operculum from a moon snail! Operculum is Latin for “little lid”—they are protective doors to the squishy snail on the inside of the shell. 

a hand holding a moon snail operculum

Moon snail operculum!

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