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Capers Island Field Trip

To the students who were not able to make your field trip to Capers Island this year:

The staff at Barrier Island EcoTours sincerely missed bringing you guys out and sharing this beautiful place with you.  We hope these videos will at least give you a virtual experience and help you learn more about our salt marshes and barrier islands. We hope you enjoy these episodes.

Episode 1: Welcome to Capers Island Field Trip-Barrier Island Characteristics

Episode 2: Capers Island Field Trip- Tide Pool Creatures

Episode 3: Capers Island Field Trip-Barrier Ecology/Geology

Episode 4: Capers Island Field Trip- Crab Trap

Episode 5: Capers Island Field Trip- Oyster Bed Ecology

Episode 6: Capers Island Field Trip- Tidal Salt Marsh Estuary