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Baby you’re a firework!

Fourth of July sea creatures quilt-like photo.

Happy 4th of July! We know traditions run deep for the 4th–including firework shows. We’ve come up with a pros and cons list of fireworks and a list of alternatives to using fireworks for the 4th. Maybe one of the alternatives could be used in addition to sparklers. Sparklers are easier to dispose of when they are finished and they don’t produce noise pollution!

Pros Cons Alternatives
  • Traditional national celebration that usually involves community activities
  • Safety risks–can cause injuries or fires
  • Projection mapping–project images onto buildings or screens and can be reused with no noise pollution
  • Visual and auditory experiences that highlight celebrations
  • Fireworks release pollutants into air and water as well as creating trash
  • Laser light shows can project images and also a reusable way to entertain and no noise pollution
  • Artistic expression and can be choreographed to music allowing creativity
  • Loud explosions can disturb wildlife, pets, and people (think noise sensitivities like young kiddos, the elderly, and individuals with PTSD)
  • Drone light shows with music and choreography can also allow creativity and no noise pollution
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