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Capers Critter Review of 2023!

2023 Critter Review. 

Here are some of our favorite animals we got to see in 2023. Enjoy! 


a bird standing next to a body of water

Flamingo on Bulls Island! Really exciting would be a 12/10 if it had come to Capers. Only getting a 7/10 because of that but we love it so so much.


a close up of a hand

This lil’ brittle is going to get a 15/10 because it is so smol and missing an arm.


a hand holding a glass of water

Sneaky butterfly ray gets a 10/10 for being so bloody camouflaged to sandy tidal areas!


Portuguese Man-o-War on Capers

14/10 to the forbidden empanda (aka Portuguese Man ‘O’ War) for being so beautiful and a reminder not to touch jellies or things in nature that are bright blue.


a bird flying over a body of water

This Tamanend’s bottlenose dolphin gets a 12/10 for obviously being a paid actor for BIET.


a hand holding a small animal

The mighty Mantis Shrimp is getting a 14/10 for being the best little boxing champ.


a person laying next to Lion's mane jelly on Capers!

Giant Lion’s mane jelly gets a 9/10 for being almost as big as Capt. Nike.


a group of people in a boat on a body of water

Sassy lemon shark gets an 8/10 for being 8 feet long and graciously letting our tour see her.


This Caribbean spiny lobster gets a 0/10 for not letting us catch it at the marina so we could show our tour group but also gets a 10/10 for having great survival skills!


DBT (diamondback terrapin) mama gets a 13/10 for being a derpy turtle who loves the salt marsh as much as we do.


a bird sitting on top of a pile of hay

We will give this American Alligator an 11/10 for this amazing angle.

a bird standing on a beach

Congratulations to this bald eagle for getting a 15/10 because it was eating a stingray on the beach while a school group arrived. (Incredible timing obviously another paid actor)




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