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Mother Natures Blustery Beauty

Screen-Shot-2013-04-08-at-1.08.48-PMSpring’s Slow awakening, written by Robert Hopkins

I had 2 trips this week that went out in some rainy and windy weather.. leaving me nervous for their outcome, however pleasantly surprised!

We tried to call and see if people wanted to cancel or reschedule but a few were intent on this being their only chance and were really hopeful- so we met them at the docks where I was sure that one look at the cloudy sky and rough waters might change their minds.

Well , both groups of four arrived; families with children of elementary and middle school years. They seemed pretty dead set that this was the one thing they had really been looking forward to doing with their day, and so when contemplating cancelling I told them that safety wasn’t the issue, their comfort and enjoyment was what mattered.

I was afraid that because it was so windy and wet they’d regret it. I agreed we would set out and see how far we got before deciding whether or not we wanted to just turn around and call it a day. I was wrong, it was a fantastic trip!

The flight patterns of the birds were effected by the wind and the dolphins were as restless and rowdy as the weather.

The low tide beach was incredibly dynamic as wind tossed white capped waves crashed on shore and the wind blown sand created wild ghostly shapes across the beach.

It was so windy that all of us just stood laughing at ourselves as the sand blasted against our pants and quickly accumulated in small piles. Our crazy cool adventure had brought us out to see, feel, hear, smell, and almost taste spring’s tumultuous arrival on a day that few others “braved it” out into mother natures blustery beauty.

We enjoyed a few breaks in the clouds and all the more basked in the sunlight that stole through. We pulled a full crab trap and decided to let them all go after letting them crawl around a bit. We ended up back at the docks on time, and no one was too wet.

Hugs, handshakes and high fives all around- a solid cheer to Spring Break 2013!