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Spring Cling…fish and friends!

Spring is spranging down here in the low country and with that we’ve been finding some interesting critters on Capers Island! In addition to the pollen arriving we have seen cannon ball jellies arriving—this usually indicates to us warmer water (and hopefully sea turtles!) are on the way.  The first species we’d like to highlight…

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March 19, 2024

Citizen Science Monthly List!

We recently received a suggestion via email from a previous school group who used our blog on citizen science projects to help explain and explore data collection! Here’s a quick recap on citizen science and its goals: Collaboration between scientists and public. Collects and analyzing data. Contributes to scientific knowledge. Addresses scientific questions or challenges. Ranges from astronomy to environmental sciences and more! Learns something new while participating! Accessibility, inclusivity, and potential for large scale data collection. Link to our first citizen science blog HERE. We listed several organizations in need of citizen participation which we will re-list below, but wanted to shout-out to Ms. Miller’s student Kiel, who suggested adding this link for Astronomy based citizen science projects. There are some FASCINATING projects out there, get involved and share these projects with others!  Because of Kiel’s suggestion, we would…

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March 11, 2024

Vienna Boys Choir!

Recently we enjoyed having the Vienna Boys Choir out with us and enjoyed some pretty incredible nature! We saw an osprey eating a fish on a dock piling and as we kept cruising the osprey started flying with its catch. Then we noticed a juvenile bald eagle chasing after the osprey. The osprey dropped the…

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March 6, 2024

Lil peep at Dunlins!

Dunlins are a small shorebird found along our coasts during the winter. When they are here dunlins are in their non-breeding plumage and can look similar to other shorebirds upon a quick glance. Identifying shorebirds on the beach can seem overwhelming and tedious but a great way to get better at shorebird ID is taking…

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February 26, 2024

Happy Birthday Tom Yawkey!

In honor of Tom Yawkey’s birthday and team bonding, we recently had the pleasure of getting a team tour of the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center! If you haven’t had a chance to go yet, please check it out! Tom Yawkey grew up with a love and respect for nature and the land around him. Because…

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February 21, 2024

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition 2024!

SEWE Feb 16-18th This exciting expo kicks off the start of tourism in the low country. SEWE began in 1983 and has continued to grow since. SEWE’s mission is to “showcase the nation’s finest wildlife art, create awareness for the conservation of wildlife and the environment, positively influence wildlife and nature education, and impact the local and statewide economies through increased tourism.”. Don’t fret if you don’t want to pay for SEWE tickets! There are a lot of free events in Marion’s Square. Flight demonstrations, cooking demonstrations, ambassador animals to meet, and more! Music and arts are celebrated and the amount of planning and partnerships that go in to this event are impressive. SEWE has brought about 40,000 visitors annually to the Charleston area and generates about $33 million for the local economy.  If you’d like to read more about…

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February 14, 2024

Citizen Science projects highlights

Citizen science projects involve the collaboration between scientists and the general public to collect and analyze data, conduct research, and contribute to scientific knowledge. These projects aim to harness the collective power of individuals, often enthusiasts or volunteers with varying levels of expertise, to address scientific questions or challenges. Some citizen science fields include topics ranging from astronomy to environmental sciences/life sciences and more! Participants may contribute by making observations, collecting samples, or even using their computers or smartphones to analyze data. The involvement of citizens in scientific research not only accelerates data collection but also promotes public engagement, education, and awareness of scientific issues. You don’t have to be an expert on the project but may walk away with having learned many new things from getting involved. Accessibility, inclusivity, and the potential for large-scale data gathering are some goals…

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February 6, 2024

Captain Jojo’s Journey!

Capt. Joseph on his first BIET as a 6 year old! Captain Joseph recently shared a photo of him on his FIRST EVER Barrier Island Eco Tour. He was just 6 years old…14 years later he was HOOKED and is ofFISHally (sorry we couldn’t help it!!!) a captain & naturalist for the company! When Jojo…

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January 31, 2024

Mottled Purse Crabs

Capers Island beach not only contains a boneyard of trees but it is teeming with fascinating collection of treasures that have washed up on the island. One unique creature that can be seen is the mottled purse crab.   A student found a mottled purse crab and used an Atlantic cockle clam to hold it!…

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January 23, 2024

Pear Whelks!

During low tide it is fun to discover marine invertebrates that are finally exposed on the beach at Capers Island. One way of determining different animals beneath the now exposed sand is through their tracks! Sea snails are notorious for leaving trails, and a type of sea snail we can find on Capers is a…

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January 16, 2024

Happy as a Clam!

‘Happy as a Clam’ Did you know this expression is believed to have come from an author in the 1800’s? The expression over time became shorter but the full expression was, “As happy as a clam at high water!”. This meant during high water (or at high tide) clams were free from certain predators like…

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January 8, 2024

Capers Critter Review of 2023!

2023 Critter Review.  Here are some of our favorite animals we got to see in 2023. Enjoy!    Flamingo on Bulls Island! Really exciting would be a 12/10 if it had come to Capers. Only getting a 7/10 because of that but we love it so so much.   This lil’ brittle is going to…

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January 2, 2024