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Thank you school groups!

teachers wearing their magic school bus field trip shirts.

Field trip shirts worn by some awesome teachers!











We started our spring season back in early February and cannot believe our school group season is winding down! We love, love, love our school groups and appreciate all the logistics behind them. Some of our school groups are just now able to return to their yearly field trips since the pandemic–this is huge. <3 Field trips allow students (and adults!) to learn by experience, ask questions, make memories, and have fun! Several of our staff members were products of the school groups or once teachers who brought their students on the school group trip! Enjoy our school group appreciation poem below.


To the school groups, young and bright,
Who joined us on Capers Island’s shore,
We extend our thanks with pure delight,
For making memories we’ll all adore.

From near and far, you journeyed here,
Eager eyes and hearts so bold,
To learn, explore, and persevere,
In nature’s wonders, stories told.

The ancient oaks, the whispering pines,
The salt marsh stretching wide,
Became the backdrop to your minds,
Where curiosity can’t hide.

Each shell you found, each bird in flight,
Each moment shared with peers,
Brought nature’s lessons into light,
Fostering joy and memories for years.

For every question, every cheer,
For laughter and for quiet thought,
For treasuring this island dear,
And all the joy you brought.

As you rise with summer sun,
With sunshine, warmth, and play,
We wish you a vacation full of fun,
And adventures every day.

So thank you, students, teachers too,
For choosing Capers as your quest,
Your presence made the skies more blue,
Your spirits truly blessed.

May the memories linger on,
Of tides and trails you braved,
And may your love for nature spawn,
While Capers remains unpaved.












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