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A Claws Christmas

a crab with seaweed beard









In a pluff mud burrow by the marsh’s edge,

Lived Mr. and Mrs. Claws, who were preparing their sled.

They weren’t reindeer or elves with pointy shoes,

But stone crabs with claws and festive hues.


With carapaces decked in holiday cheer,

They spread joy to sea creatures far and near.

Mr. Claws, a crab of stature and might,

Wore a beard made of seaweed, oh what a sight!


Mrs. Claws, with her claws so fine,

Wrapped presents in seaweed, a gift-wrapping design.

Their crabby workshop, beneath the sea,

Bubbled with laughter, as happy as can be.


On Christmas Eve, they scuttled with glee,

Spreading ocean joy from fin to fin, you see.

Off went Mr. Claws on a sleigh made of jingle shells,

Pulled by dolphins and sea turtles wearing festive bells.


Through kelp forests and under the moon’s soft glow,

The team delivered gifts to every ocean below.

Gifts of pearls for the oysters in their beds,

And sparkly new teeth for the sharks’ sleepy heads.


The pinfish stripes turned bright red and green,

While jellyfish danced in a luminescent sheen.

The sea hares pranced with ribbons so bright,

As the stone crabs spread joy through the silent night.


Back home in their salt marsh, exhausted but content,

Mr. and Mrs. Claws, in their mud burrow, they went.

With a snap of their claws and a wink of an eye,

They whispered, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good tide!”

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