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Enchanting Jellies Ashore Capers!

Nestled off the coast of South Carolina, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the sandy shores, lies Capers Island—a haven for nature enthusiasts and a treasure trove of marine wonders. This past fall, we had extraordinary discoveries washed ashore including a couple of not-your-normal-SC-jellies. Two extraordinary finds included the massive Lion’s Mane Jelly and the enchanting Portuguese Man o’ War.

Nearly missed because we thought it was a puddle due to its size, the Lion’s Mane Jelly was spotted on the way back to the boat during a Sunset tour! This jelly was flipped upside down due to the tides and boasted a mesmerizing mane that rivaled the size of an average adult. Capt. Nike is pictured laying next to the jelly (she is 5’4 for comparison!). The Lion’s Mane Jelly is a marvel of nature, with tentacles that can extend for several feet, showcasing a stunning range of colors from deep reds to vibrant oranges.

a person laying next to Lion's mane jelly on Capers!

Lion’s mane and Capt. Nike!

On two other tours, the first being a school group, the second being a Capers Island Tour,—the delicate yet perilous Portuguese Man o’ War was found. Although often mistaken for a true jellyfish, the Man o’ War is a colonial organism consisting of a floating colony of polyps, each with a specific function. It has a radiant blue hue, coupled with striking purple and pink accents. 

Portuguese Man-o-War on Capers

The “forbidden” empanda!

One of its distinct features besides the blue coloring is its translucent gas-filled sail that kept it afloat. However, beneath its captivating exterior lies a creature armed with venomous tentacles, a reminder of the delicate balance between fascination and caution when encountering the marine world, especially amongst a middle school field trip! 

Smaller Portuguese Man-o-War on Capers!

Portuguese Man-o-War on Capers!

As we witness such natural marvels, it becomes crucial to appreciate and protect the delicate balance of marine life. Conservation efforts and responsible tourism are essential in preserving and protecting marine ecosystems, ensuring that the discoveries on Capers Island endures for generations to come.

upside down Lion's mane jelly

Upside down Lion’s Mane on Capers!

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