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Citizen Science Monthly List!

We recently received a suggestion via email from a previous school group who used our blog on citizen science projects to help explain and explore data collection!

Here’s a quick recap on citizen science and its goals:

  • Collaboration between scientists and public.
  • Collects and analyzing data.
  • Contributes to scientific knowledge.
  • Addresses scientific questions or challenges.
  • Ranges from astronomy to environmental sciences and more!
  • Learns something new while participating!
  • Accessibility, inclusivity, and potential for large scale data collection.
  • Link to our first citizen science blog HERE.

We listed several organizations in need of citizen participation which we will re-list below, but wanted to shout-out to Ms. Miller’s student Kiel, who suggested adding this link for Astronomy based citizen science projects. There are some FASCINATING projects out there, get involved and share these projects with others!  Because of Kiel’s suggestion, we would like to try to share citizen science projects in a monthly post.

If you’re reading this and have any other suggestions for projects, please send us a link to the project in an email via

Thank you to Kiel, Ms. Miller, and the rest of her class for learning more about data collection and citizen science projects!


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