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Citizen Science projects highlights

Citizen science projects involve the collaboration between scientists and the general public to collect and analyze data, conduct research, and contribute to scientific knowledge. These projects aim to harness the collective power of individuals, often enthusiasts or volunteers with varying levels of expertise, to address scientific questions or challenges.

Some citizen science fields include topics ranging from astronomy to environmental sciences/life sciences and more! Participants may contribute by making observations, collecting samples, or even using their computers or smartphones to analyze data. The involvement of citizens in scientific research not only accelerates data collection but also promotes public engagement, education, and awareness of scientific issues. You don’t have to be an expert on the project but may walk away with having learned many new things from getting involved.

Accessibility, inclusivity, and the potential for large-scale data gathering are some goals of citizen science projects. With advancements in technology and the increasing connectivity of people globally, citizen science has become an integral part of scientific research! We’ve listed some links below to different local on-going citizen science projects and some more information about where to find them! The South Carolina Aquarium and South Carolina Sea Grant websites listed are a great place to start for more basic knowledge on citizen science/involvement Check them out and get involved in science collection. Projects are geared for most ages and depending on the project are usually family friendly!


Here is a list of helpful websites to get involved! As a reminder…there are several organizations out there in need of help so don’t limit yourself to just these places! Explore a topic you like and see how you can participate!

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