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Southeastern Wildlife Exposition 2024!

SEWE Feb 16-18th

This exciting expo kicks off the start of tourism in the low country. SEWE began in 1983 and has continued to grow since. SEWE’s mission is to “showcase the nation’s finest wildlife art, create awareness for the conservation of wildlife and the environment, positively influence wildlife and nature education, and impact the local and statewide economies through increased tourism.”.

Don’t fret if you don’t want to pay for SEWE tickets! There are a lot of free events in Marion’s Square. Flight demonstrations, cooking demonstrations, ambassador animals to meet, and more! Music and arts are celebrated and the amount of planning and partnerships that go in to this event are impressive. SEWE has brought about 40,000 visitors annually to the Charleston area and generates about $33 million for the local economy. 

If you’d like to read more about SEWE and events to attend or see their ticket prices check out this link! If you are in town and are inspired to explore some of the low country’s wild places we do have tour spots available for this weekend. 

Below is our tour schedule and you can click HERE to book your tickets with us! Happy exploring and enjoy the weekend!

  • Tonight 2/14 Sunset dolphin tour @4!
  • Friday 2/16 Sunset dolphin tour @4!
  • Saturday 2/17 Capers wildlife tour @9!
  • Sunday 2/18 Sunset dolphin tour @4!