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“The Greening Grass is Quietly Announcing Springs Arrival…”

Screen-Shot-2013-03-28-at-3.16.47-PM-300x209It has been very windy lately…But remember, March is the month that Mother Nature hosts “speed dating” for plants and wind is THE important part of that.

Let’s just enjoy as March goes “out like a lamb”.

A great place to enjoy all that is going on with the seasons change is out in the salt marsh and creeks and rivers of the low-country. The marshes are teeming with life and the greening grass is quietly announcing springs arrival.

We are beginning to see the seasonal changes on our boat trips. The Canon-ball Jelly Fish have begun to be seen washing up on the sand and that always tells us that summer is close.

Grab a jacket and maybe a cup of coffee or hot chocolate at the marina and come get on a boat