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Easter Sea Hare (a poem)

 A sea hare’s name might sound funny,

but did you know its the ocean’s Easter bunny!

She hides unique eggs in different spaces

And once they hatch, they reveal beautiful sea creatures faces!

a close up of a sea hare

                                    Sea hare!


Moon snail eggs stashed along the intertidal zone,

Sea hare leaves them in sand collars all alone.

Camouflaged by mucus and sand, that should do! 

We’ve found some sand collars, have you?

Moon snail collar being held in a hand.

Moon snail sand collar.

Whelk eggs hidden next by the Easter sea hare,

These egg cases have an interesting flair!

They are long spiraled pouches of light tan,

Sea hare attaches them to the sea floor when she can.

Whelk egg case washed up on Capers!

Whelk egg case washed up on Capers!

Mermaid’s purse is the last egg to place out of sight. 

Do you notice what grows when you hold it to a light?

It’s a teeny-tiny skate, similar to a ray!

And Easter sea hare hopes this poem brightens your day! 

Skate egg aka mermaid's purse.

Skate egg aka mermaid’s purse on Capers!

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